The Story Behind Our Superleggera Leather Football Boots

These super-light football boots will keep you fast on your feet

There’s no substitute for hard training, but when you need that extra one percent, we’re keen on using our kit - notably, our football boots - to raise our game. Here, we’re taking a look at our lightest ever football boots that’ll have everyone asking you about your performance secret.

The Superleggera encapsulates the family values that sit at the heart of Pantofola d’Oro. Everything used to create them comes from within a 30 mile radius of our factory in Ascoli Piceno, and our team of designers and craftsmen also live locally. We've included high performance materials to help us to keep pushing forwards in our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

The Superleggera is essentially native to our little town in Italy. When you lace up and head out on the pitch, and you catch sight of the Italian flag that runs down the tongue, you get a rush of pride and energy.

Pantofola d'Oro Superleggera Leather Football Boots

The upper is made from premium kangaroo leather. Super soft and 100% Italian, it’s one of the most hard-wearing leathers available. It’s lighter and stronger than calf leather.

The Pebax sole of Pantofola d'Oro's Superleggera Leather Football Boots

The outsole is made from a material called, "Pebax". Resilient and springy, it is famous for its energy return. It makes it easier to be responsive and fast.

Top view of the Italian flag running down the middle of Pantofola d'Oro's Superleggera Leather Football Boots

Want to get your hands on a pair? The Superleggera Leather Football Boots are available to buy here.

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