Superleggera 2.0 Leather Football Boots


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Super-light football boots in Kangaroo leather

It’s natural to want to give everything you’ve got when you’re on the pitch and it can be challenging to find a pair of football boots that’ll keep you fast, allow excellent ball control, and feel luxuriously comfortable every second you’re on your feet. Our Superleggera 2.0 Leather Football Boot ticks all of the boxes – it’s our lightest ever football boot weighing just 175 grams, it’s made in a soft and flexible Kangaroo leather upper and has flat laces for optimal ball control.

The Superleggera 2.0 has been handcrafted using the same artisanal techniques that were used when Pantofola d’Oro was founded in 1886. This means that when you’re wearing it, you’re not just declaring your pursuit for excellence, you’re also wearing over 130 years of Italian football history.

  • Flat laces allow precise ball control
  • The leather collar offers reliable ankle support
  • 100% Kangaroo leather upper provides great comfort in all weathers
  • The studs offer optimal traction and stability
  • Performance chassis instils confidence to reach maximum speed on the pitch
  • Suitable for firm, natural grass pitches
  • Weight: 175 grams
  • Made in Italy

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