SANTIAGO Men's Sneaker


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SANTIAGO. Discover the experience of a unique and elegant style with our N.100 sneakers. Made from high-quality buffalo leather, the orange upper is unique thanks to the garment dyeing technique that creates a soft and natural effect. The sole in the same color as the upper gives our sneakers a fresh and modern look, perfect for any occasion. Choose SANTIAGO sneakers for a touch of unique and high-quality style.

Key features:

  • Made from high-quality buffalo leather with garment dyeing technique for a soft and natural effect
  • Sole in the same color as the upper for a fresh and modern look
  • Deep Orange color that easily matches any outfit
  • Flat laces in the same color as the upper for a consistent and refined look.

    *Garment-dyed finish. This exclusive manufacturing process endows shoes with a distinctive vintage look. This treatment gives brand new footwear a highly sophisticated worn look making each item truly unique. The small differences between any two shoes and slight differences in the color compared to what is shown on screen must not be considered imperfections, but proof of the uniqueness of the shoe, which has all the credentials of a work of art.*

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