Glasgow Rangers, a team myth that carries forward a glorious tradition in the world of football. With its passionate fans and a history filled with successes, the Rangers embody the essence of competitive sports and determination.

PDO Lazzarini, a legendary shoe by Pantofola d'Oro, synonymous with craftsmanship and timeless style. Every detail of the Lazzarini has been crafted with passion and expertise, making it a preferred choice for many talented footballers. Its combination of comfort, ball control, and durability makes it a perfect weapon to face any challenge on the field.

Joining forces for the upcoming football season, Glasgow Rangers and PDO Lazzarini create a historic union. This partnership represents the meeting of two legends, an everlasting team and an iconic shoe. Together, Rangers and Pantofola d’Oro are destined to write a new chapter in football history, leaving an indelible mark in the memories of fans and enthusiasts worldwide.