Superleggera 2.0 Football Boots


Since 1886, Pantofola d’Oro has crafted luxury sports footwear for both professional and amateur athletes to help them to raise their game in top quality, reliable footwear. We’re immensely proud of our heritage and it gives us our legendary authenticity, but we also don’t believe that success comes from standing still. Instead, you have to look for new ways to raise your game – in football, this means making improvements from the ground up.

The 2.0 is as an update on its much loved predecessor, the Superleggera. Designed to be used on natural pitches, these are our fastest, lightest and most luxurious boots to date. They weigh just 175 grams and feature a hand-softened kangaroo leather upper. In fact, they are the lightest Italian leather football boots on the market.

Here, we’re taking a look at the feature updates, and how we’ve managed to integrate modern performance technologies, whilst making sure that we’re upholding our commitment to traditional craftsmanship.

What can you expect from this latest update?

First and foremost, you can expect to feel fast! These boots are super light, contoured for a sock-like fit, and the studs have been carefully placed for maximum traction and control. At every stage of design and development, we were clear that our objective was to help football players unlock their top speed.

The 100% kangaroo leather upper is certainly worth noting. We had incredible customer feedback on other shoes that also use kangaroo leather, focusing on how comfortable it feels and how it creates a wraparound, sock-like fit. Which is why we’ve used it for the Superleggera 2.0.

It’s available in four colours – there are the classic options of an all-black boot and a white upper with a black sole, plus more colourful options of red and royal blue. It is totally made in Italy and sold in all of the best football stores across the world – and on our own store too, of course.

Advanced technology meets artisanal craftsmanship

As we’ve already mentioned, we’ve been in this game since 1886 – that’s a long time! Over the years, we’ve refined and honed our design and manufacturing methods so that we’re always creating the best shoes possible, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to excellence.

Even today, our leather is sourced from within 30 minutes from our factory in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. We still hand-treat, hand-dye and hand-stitch everything that we make, because we’re yet to find a better way – sometimes the oldest methods really are the best methods.

The things that do change – the outsole, the soleplate, the quilting pattern, the eyelet placement – are where we keep ourselves moving forward. With regards to the Superleggera 2.0, you’ll see that the upper is quilted and the eyelets are positioned in a way that will give you that important snug, locked-down feeling.

The perfect stud formation

Over the years, the stud pattern has also been the subject of much scrutiny – it’s such an important feature when looking to create a boot that can help footballers to give their best ever on-pitch performance.

We’ve used the original stud style of our Lazzarini football boot, opting for 12 cone-like studs that are placed to give even weight distribution and maximum traction control.

These boots really are a true representation of the skill, precision, passion and pride that goes into every single shoe that we create. If our designer was a footballer, he’d be a strong contender for the Ballon d'Or!

Light weight means top speeds

As the lightest Pantofola d’Oro football boot ever, you’ll feel unbelievably fast on your feet. We wanted to give footballers a way to hit top speed without having to resort to synthetic boots – leather is so much more durable and it moulds to your feet over time, so it’s also infinitely more comfortable.